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The World of Yamizukan

The World of Yamizukan: It’s like a Goosebumps anime, different horror stories that are very short (5 mins) and generally pretty tame although it seems like all of them have tragic endings where the main character is destroyed. The animation and artwork are also pretty basic.

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The snowman picture is from one of the episodes. There’s also a story about alien abductions, a car that traps people inside itself for fuel, basically the Langoliers on a farm story, and a story about a robot uprising.

The robot uprising one doesn’t make any fucking sense. It seems like a story about a guy who notices androids taking over the world around him, like zombies apparently, and he spends 6 months (his own words) fighting them so he can be reunited with his wife and daughter. Unfortunately, he leads his survival group into a trap because...he was a fucking robot himself the whole time. Why? It’s like that comic where the robots kill humanity, and then just act like they are humans with jobs and sitcoms on tv. What’s the point?

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