He can’t just come out and say “Russian hackers didn’t give me anything about Russia, I can’t do anything on my own!” That would be to upfront. And it’s not inconsistent with his past behavior. Snowden and Manning were volunteers who had embarrassing leaks about the NSA. Apparently Assange was always after one thing,…

Personal theory: Any tailor taking a crack at Trump probably has to match Trump’s tastes. Any difference of opinion, or attempt at deviation probably means firing. Trump looks the way Trump wants to look. I’d imagine his three wives might have tried to argue with it, but we know he considers them disposable.

You must be new here. And to the world in general. Writing can biased depending on what is being written, opinion by necessity is going to be biased. On the other hand, scientific papers shouldn’t contain bias. Which is this article? Is it opinion, or science?

You really love that one statistic by golly. Have you ever considered your argument is “Black peoples murder a lot statistically! So it’s ok to act like they’re all murderers! And they’re really bad at school! Black people must be really dumb!” Which of course is the gold standard of racist thought.

Reuters reports that, according to authorities, Houser was once hospitalized for psychiatric care. In 2007, he was denied a concealed-carry permit as a result of a domestic violence complaint and a prior arson arrest. In 2008, after they filed a request for a protective order against him, Houser was ordered not to…


I make a typo and this is what you insult me with? Speak English? Haaaa, the backlash is clearly nothing to worry about because assholes only do well when they’re intelligent. You’ll live better and longer if you can learn to get along with people. Science fact, dullard.