You really love that one statistic by golly. Have you ever considered your argument is “Black peoples murder a lot statistically! So it’s ok to act like they’re all murderers! And they’re really bad at school! Black people must be really dumb!” Which of course is the gold standard of racist thought.


If you want to insult somebody’s anatomy go the fuck ahead and do it you fucking eunuch. Stop being a fucking bitch about how people won’t let you say whatever gross or stupid shit you want, don’t blame political correctness for your cowardice.

I make a typo and this is what you insult me with? Speak English? Haaaa, the backlash is clearly nothing to worry about because assholes only do well when they’re intelligent. You’ll live better and longer if you can learn to get along with people. Science fact, dullard.


Ok ok ok, now that you've finally spelled out what bothers you let me you actually read the Kardashian articles on here? Things about Taylor Swift? See, I don't. Because I find them stupid. This is actually less stupid because someone actually got shot by police, and it happened to happen in front of a…

What, 5 incidences are enough for you? I counted 7 for the Afghanistan War, out of a possible 27 for rotary wing combat losses. Listen, limpdick, when you have to dig a hole into the ground so your backblast doesn't flash fry your own ass, just so your ANTI-TANK device, which you maybe have a few fins glued to, can…